The World’s Most Incredible Water Slides

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Waterslides are the epitome of every family holiday. ‘Mum come with me on that one’ ‘Dad don’t be a chicken! It’s not THAT high…’ Gulp. Lets take you through 5 of the highest, spectacular and darn right unbelievable water slides that we believe are the world’s most incredible water slides.

1 – Toboggan, Italy

tobogganWaterslides don’t need to be the highest or the fastest to be the most incredible. This attraction is made up of 11 slides plunging you into 4 separate pools, where one of these pools happens to be the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Running down a cliff on the north west coast of the island, Toboggan tops the list of the world’s most incredible water slides with its picture perfect backdrop.



2 – Insano – Brazil

insano-BrazilEven though it has been knocked off it’s post as the world’s tallest water slide, Insano still stands proud as one of the most dramatic rides ever. Standing at a measly 134 feet tall, this one is certainly not one for the faint hearted. It’s ok though, you only have to endure the terror for 5-6 seconds. You would have to be ‘Insano’ to give this one a miss!



3 – Dolphin Plunge – Orlando

dolphin-plungeSituated in Orlando’s most famous water park, Aquatica, this ride is one like no other. Race side by side with your partner travelling within an enclosed clear tube as you are transported into another world of underwater discovery. If that hasn’t sold this waterslide to you already, wait until you spot a pod of Collerson Dolphins playing in the water beside you. Utterly spectacular!



4 – Verruckt – Kansas City

VerrucktI would advise not to eat anything before going on this slide! You and 2 friends will be strapped to a raft and catapulted down a death defying drop. Once you think it is over, the excitement continues as you are dropped yet another 50 feet. Once you are strapped in there is no escaping this 168 foot 7 inch monstrous structure. So belt up and hold on.



5 – The Leap of Faith – Dubai

mayan-temple-leap-of-faith-lowDelve into the unknown as you take on ‘The Leap of Faith.’ This unique water slide transports you through the famous Mayan Temple. There is a surprise waiting for you when you reach the bottom though in the shape of some deadly sharks and stingrays. It’s not as scary as it sounds. Trust me… Oh, did I forget to mention the 60 foot vertical drop at the beginning? Go on. Take the leap and have faith.



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