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Ahoy Sailor! Welcome to Virgin Voyages: an Adults-Only and Rebellious Luxe cruise experience.

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“Don’t just build a ship, create a yearning for the sea” – Richard Branson

Virgin Voyages Arrive Relax Travel

Arrive Relax Travel is very proud to welcome as a partner, Virgin Voyages. A sensational collection of sailings breaking the mold of Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Transatlantic cruising. This is not a cruise, it’s a voyage, this is Virgin Voyages.


What do creative innovators do when they’ve conquered land and space? Well, they take their skills to the sea. Richard Branson brought together the most inspiring partners to build a ship worthy of breaking barriers (and waves). Caribbean or Mediterranean? Sun-filled mornings or late nights under the stars? Gastronomic delights or beautiful sights? The choice is yours, Sailor. Ready to Set Sail The Virgin Way and see how Richard Branson does cruises?

Rebel Of The Waves

Virgin Voyages are ushering in a new age of sea travel. With Sailors who seek curated Adult-by-Design experiences. Defy the rules and catch them delightfully off-guard, so that you can build your experience, moment by moment, exactly as you want it.

A Ship Of Contrasts

Where highbrow meets lowbrow. Where grit meets glam. A journey like no other, on a ship like no other, with offerings that rival those in big cities.

Over $600 in value is always included.

The last thing you need on your vacation is a surprise receipt and pages worth of fine print.

Virgin Voyages Included


We are bringing a sea change to cruise activities and experiences with these amazing onboard must-trys.

Virgin Voyages take food seriously, so they’ve made it a point to only offer the most incredible dishes at sea — regardless of your mood. With 20+ eateries and diverse menus on board, their all-included, responsibly sourced food makes it easy to strike a balance.

Choose your onboard experience below

Eat & Drink - Get a taste of the good life
Well Being - It's all about balance
Events & Gigs - You're gonna want to see this

Whether you have an appetite for fine dining or a late-night slice, you’ll want to unleash your inner foodie with Virgin Voyages. With a variety of eateries inspired by the best restaurants in the world, you’re sure to find something that tickles your taste buds.

A Michelin-starred chef collective creates incredible onboard dining experiences.

More than 20+ distinctive and delicious specialty eateries bring fresh ingredients and made to order cooking together to crush any craving. Here’s a taste of what to expect from our foodie approved eateries…
Virgin Voyages Dining

How about a lil taste of what you can expect from the 20+ eateries — we wouldn’t even judge you for taking a food selfie

The Wake – Steak and Seafood | Pink Algarve – Upscale Mexican | Razzle Dazzle – Veggie-forward | The Test Kitchen – Experimental onboard eatery | Gunbae – Lively Korean BBQ | Lick Me Till…Ice Cream – Scoop Shop | The Dock – Outside mezze lounge | The Dock House – Casual Mediterranean | Extra Virgin – Elevated Italian | The Pizza Place – Fresh, Made-to-Order Pizza | The Social Club Diner – Classic Carnival Eats | Sun Club Cafe – Hawaiian Poke Bowls | The Galley – Food Hall | Noodle Around – Ramen and Miso Soup | Bento Baby – Japanese Breakfast & Bento Box | The Sweet Side – Sweets and Treats | Well Bread – Pastries and Flatbreads | Diner & Dash – 24-hour American Diner | Burger Bar – All Day Burger Spot | Hot off the Press – Sandwiches & Toasties | Let’s Taco Bout It – Tacos and Burritos | The Daily Mix – Healthy Bites

Reasons to raise your glass

Beyond basic bevvies, we’ve got special somethings for all Sailors to make a splash.

Virgin Voyages Drinking

Virgin Voyages Drinking Mixologists

Virgin Voyages – We’re shakin it up

Virgin Voyages have partnered with some of the industry’s most esteemed mixologists, from the Bar Lab and the Cocktail Cartel, to global bartending phenomenons like Charles Joly and Julia Momose, to create an exceptional beverage program bringing you what matters most – quality drinks crafted with the best ingredients, without the premium price tag.

We can’t wait to experience Virgin Voyages. Call your travel designer now on 0333 335 0130 to book your sailing now. 

For Virgin Voyages, well-being is all about rejuvenation and transformation for sailors and the oceans. But you’ve got to have a little fun too, all in the name of self-care. That’s why Virgin Voyages embrace the detox/retox mentality to balance playtime and me time.

A Virgin-style makeover to cruise spa & fitness programming.

Sweat, relax or just be still and breathe — it’s up to you. These wellness and personal style spaces onboard provide a proper dose of Vitamin Sea to leave you totally restored and ready for anything and everything.

Virgin Voyages Well being

Virgin Voyages WorkoutWORK OUT – A vibe called sweat
For the ‘do nothings’, ‘do some things’ and the ‘do literally everythings’ (you know who you are), we have a way to sweat that suits you. From sun-rise yoga to outdoor boxing, meditation to HIIT workouts, and even specifically curated hikes at our ports, our approach to working out is that it works for you. If you just want to sweat it out take a run around our outdoor jogging track. We definitely won’t judge.

UNWIND – That’s a seaweed wrap
Whether your idea of relaxation is a sun salutation or a hot stone massage, you’re about to get it OMMM (lol we know). A cross between a week spent in Bali and 2 hours at a cafe in Amsterdam, Redemption spa is a haven of tranquility and self-preservation. Get dirty in the mudroom, let the sauna cleanse you, or spend an entire afternoon floating from hot stone massage to seaweed wrap until you’ve aged backwards.

Virgin Voyages Workout 2TREAT YOURSELF – Be good to you
Since you’re going to be feeling amazing, you might as well look it, too. From our Dry Dock blowout bar to nails that will shine, to treatments at our medi spa, to sunrise or sunset yoga at The Perch, this ship hits the spot for you to take care of taking care of you.

Aquatic Club – Poolside Oasis | Build & Balance – B-Complex | Bike & Burn – B-Complex | Training Camp – Group Fitness Area | Redemption Spa – Spa | The Tune Up – Mani-Pedi & Medi Spa | Dry Dock – Salon & Beauty Parlor | Stubble & Groom – Gentleman’s Barber Shop | Squid Ink – Tatoo Studio | Well-Being Pool – Circular Pool | The Athletic Club – Adult Playground | The Perch – Outdoor Wellness Space | The Runway – Jogging Track | Gym & Tonic – Healthy Juice Bar


We’re showing out. With immersive pop-up performance moments that can happen anywhere; we’re creating a festival of choices and bringing entertainment to life in a way you’ve never seen.

Let Virgin Voyages entertain you. They don’t mean to show off…but with this line-up they can.

We’re swapping classic Broadway cruise productions for never before seen at sea, immersive and modern entertainment. Choose from a festival-like lineup developed by the world’s most-talked-about producers, directors, choreographers and artists.

Virgin Voyages Entertainment

Want to take a peek at (some of) our places and spaces? You can get a glimpse here of just some of what you’ll experience on board.

The Manor – Alluring Nightclub | Aquatic Club – Poolside Oasis | The Red Room – Live Performance Space | The Groupie – Private Karaoke | Voyage Vinyl – Record Shop | The Casino – Gaming & Lounge | The Social Club | The Arcade – Gaming Area

Virgin Voyages Entertainment 2ONBOARD EVENTS & GIG – Meet the creators
From Randy Weiner, to The 7 Fingers company, to Sam & Ani, our Creative Collective was formed to create the very best entertainment. These producers know their way around a stage and are responsible for creating incredible shows like Sleep No More and Queen of the Night. Along with our Creative Collective, we worked to make sure you’d experience something you’ve never seen before. These shows push boundaries, explore untold stories and will surely delight you.

SEA-TOWN FUNK – (Please) don’t stop the music
Music is fundamentally part of Virgin’s DNA. Since our early days, we’ve been nurturing the best talent (Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, Spice Girls); turning up-and-coming acts into fully-fledged superstars. And with the help of our Creative Collective, which now includes Mark Ronson — who in addition to Diplo, is set to perform at The Beach Club at Bimini in 2020 — we’re making the best beats on land sound even better at sea.

But wait, there’s more…

Virgin Voyages Entertainment 3



A range of cabins that set Virgin Voyages apart from the rest

Superyacht-inspired cabin design redefines your view of staterooms. This is sailing the Virgin way. More than just a place to sleep, our clever room technology and styling provide the ultimate hideaway spaces for sailing the seven seas.

All that cabin jazz

From solo sailors to bigger crews, we’ve got options on options.

Virgin Voyages Cabins 1

Where the magic happens

Transform your room at the touch of a button. Mood-matching lights, a configurable Seabed, and in-cabin tech come together to make your life easier. Save the friction for the dance floor.

  • Wanna get cozy?
    Choose a movie on your tablet, cast it to the TV, and get high on that canceled plans feeling.
  • Need some zzz’s?
    There’s a mood for that.
  • Down to host?
    Transform your Seabed, order in mozzarella sticks, or adjust the lighting for an improvised dance-off.

Choose your cabin experience below

Rockstar Quarters
Sea Terrace
Sea View

Where superyachts meet luxury cruises, our RockStar Quarters bring you the lifestyle you deserve.

Accents of brass, stunning marble bathrooms, spacious stargazing terraces, champagne tables and exclusive treatment are yours in these VIP suites. Live out your holiday dreams and be the rockstar you are.

Suite dreams are made of this
If you’re into exclusive access throughout the ship, RockStar Agents at your beck and call, marble clad bathrooms with premium amenities and spaces conceptualized by world renowned designer, Tom Dixon, then let’s talk suites.

Virgin Voyages Rockstar Quarters Size

Virgin Voyages Rockstar Quarters

Live the suite life – We know who you are

Elevated living onboard comes with elevated access. RockStar status starts before you even set sail; early boarding through a VIP entrance, priority access to booking, and 24/7 access to RockStar Agents answering any and all of your needs.

No limits – Your own private lounge

Booking a suite unlocks access to Richard’s Rooftop; the exclusive deck where elegance meets exuberance. A lavish, elaborate and members-only outdoor space for stargazing parties and pre-dinner cocktail hours for you and the other rockstars.

Mega RockStar Quarters

How you and your celeb friends already live (lucky you)… but better. These suites are the most exclusive, top-tier luxury living on board; granting you prime access, 24/7 agent attention, and a bottomless in-room bar. Our Tom Dixon-designed suites boast large marbled bathrooms with Peek-a-Boo showers, hand-woven terrace hammocks and outdoor Peek-a-View showers for when rinsing off requires a little help from the moonlight.

Our Mega RockStar Quarters

Massive Suite – 2147 sq ft
This is it. This is the suite. positioned at the most forward part of the ship – the views are, to put it simply, unrivaled. Get lost watching the waves from your outdoor hot tub or creating a new sound in your personal music room. But don’t worry, you can find yourself again the next morning as you meditate alongside the waves on your sprawling, private terrace.

Fab Suite – 950 sq ft
Whether you’re into sunshine yoga on the terrace or serving up negronis at the bar inside, this suite is for those who love to host. When it’s just you, you’ll be tasked with the age-old problem of whether to relax in the fully-marbled Peek-a-Boo shower inside or rinse off on the Peek-a-View shower outside under the moonlight 

Posh Suite – 833 sq ft
An outdoor champagne table is the perfect spot to admire the view from your suite. With a glamorously designed layout enhanced by our high-tech mood lighting, Hollywood-style vanity glam area, a tricked out terrace, and floor-to-ceiling marble bathroom, this one’s perfect for the posh traveller.

Gorgeous Suite – 570 sq ft
The terrace swing chair is the perfect spot to enjoy a nightcap while you watch the moon flirt with the waves. Once inside, after rinsing off in your outdoor Peek-a-View shower, you can lose yourself in the massive European king bed while drifting off to sleep to the sounds of the waves (or your vinyl record player).

Rockstar Quarters

When you’re a rockstar — there’s no such thing as being “too much” and there’s no part of the ship that isn’t yours to explore. Our suites are Tom Dixon-designed and equipped with full size, fully stocked bars — so you can sip by the sea whether you’re in the terrace hammock or at the champagne table under the stars.

Our RockStar Quarters

Brilliant Suite – 482 sq ft
The Hollywood-style lights. The glam brass vanity area. The full size, fully-stocked bar (complete with mixology equipment, obviously) – this suite begs for you to indulge the rockstar deep within. And with a cheeky view of the European king bed from the (fully) marbled Peek-a-Boo shower, the only sensual rival is the ocean itself.

Cheeky Corner Suite – 615-857 sq ft
Wrapping panoramic views from the corner of the ship are emphasized by our design choices — from our custom interior wicker chairs to the beautiful, hand-woven hammocks on the terrace, our pieces were designed with thoughtful space to maximize sea views from any angle.

Seriously Suite – 352 sq ft
Full stocked, full-size bar. ✔. Peek-a-Boo shower. ✔. Record player ready to spin your favorite tunes. ✔. This suite is ideal if you’re serious about luxury.

Sweet Aft Suite – 416-661 sq ft
With endless views from the back of the ship whether you’re relaxing at the terrace champagne table, or gazing at the waves directly from your indoor Peek-a-Boo shower window, there’s no such thing as a bad view in this suite.


Sea Terrace

That horizon won’t gaze at itself
Whether you’re getting ready inside at the glam area, rinsing off in your Roomy Rainshower or relaxing outside on your hand-woven terrace hammock, our spaces are designed to give you sweeping views of the horizon as our mood lighting intuitively matches the light from the oncoming sunset.

Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace

Sea View

A room with a (porthole) view
For solo Sailors looking for quiet moments with the sea from our super large single beds, or duos perched on our nautically-inspired window seats — the ocean is yours to make eyes with. Gazing out at the waves every morning, this is the closest you can get to the ocean (without the windblown hair).

Virgin Voyages Sea View


Play all night, sleep all day
Friend groups, solo Sailors, and duos alike can get in on the Insider action. Roomy Rainshowers and mood lighting punctuate our cozy escapes — giving you the space to recover today and prepare for tomorrow.

Virgin Voyages Insider


Places that will release your secret traveller

Unleash your wanderlust

Here’s an idea… instead of endlessly scrolling Insta for #getaways, actually go on one. We’ve picked seaside destinations to satisfy all your cravings, and by curating itineraries with late stays and overnights — we show you the real people and experiences that make each port so special.

Our ships are floating sanctuaries you may never want to leave, but if you choose to, these cruise destinations are great excuses.

Painted skies and rolling waves. Secluded beach clubs and sunset island hopping. Meditative mornings and never-ending nights. With a late stay and an overnight on each itinerary, we’ve got a path, port, and plan — for any kind of wanderlust.

Explore Virgin Voyages destinations below.



Seek out new perspectives sailing from Miami to ports across the Caribbean — exploring pastel-lined, cobblestone streets or diving through vibrant coral reefs. Each sailing also features a stop at our private beach club experience in Bimini, Bahamas, with a bonfire soirée to say goodbye. 

Our Ports
Miami – Homeport | The Beach Club at Bimini | Costa Maya | Cozumel – Playa del Carmen | Key West | Puerto Plata | Roatan | San Juan | St. Croix

Get new perspectives on the Caribbean from our home port in Miami — setting sail through turquoise waters and painted skies. From quiet beach mornings to exhilarating afternoons spent exploring, every sailing makes a stop at our private beach club experience in Bimini, Bahamas.

Virgin Voyages Caribbean


Set sail from our home port in Barcelona to irresistible destinations, immersing yourself in the rich history and culture of the Med. From sipping Chianti at charming local cafes to the panoramic views of the azure sea — every itinerary spends an overnight in the beach club mecca of Ibiza.

Our Ports
Barcelona – Homeport | Cadiz | Ajaccio | Cagliari | Funchal | Gibraltar | Ibiza | Lisbon | Malaga | Marina di Carrara | Marseille | Monte Carlo | Olbia | Palma de Mallorca | Toulon 

Visit the Med’s most famous cities and islands from our homeport in Barcelona. On voyages typically sailed by super-yachts, we’ve created itineraries that feature longer port stays and overnights — with every sailing making an overnight stop at the beach club mecca of Ibiza.

Virgin Voyages Mediterranean


Join us on a transatlantic journey as our lady ship makes her way from her home in the Mediterranean and Caribbean to seek out the most pristine weather possible — while introducing new routes and new destinations along the way.

Our Ports
Barcelona – Homeport | Ibiza | Malaga | Cadiz | Lisbon | Miami

See both sides of the Atlantic on a journey of cross-continental exploration. As our lady ships make their way from their respective homes in the Mediterranean and Caribbean to seek out the most pristine weather possible, we’ll be charting new courses and stopping in brand new destinations along the way. 

Virgin Voyages Transatlantic


These beauties will blow your mind

Where superyacht design and your dream destinations meet. Welcome to how Virgin does cruise ships.

With Richard Branson at the helm, Virgin Voyages is redefining what a luxury cruise ship means by combining premium elements from favorites on land with the freedom and simplicity of a life well lived on the open ocean. 

See the Virgin Voyages ships below.

Scarlett Lady
Valiant Lady

Scarlett Lady

With a name inspired by an early Virgin Atlantic plane, Scarlet Lady is Virgin Voyages’s premium take on what a luxury cruise ship means. Ushering in a new era for sea travel, she’s designed to be different with a unique approach to how Caribbean cruises look and feel.

Virgin Voyages Scarlett Lady Ship

Tonnage: 110,000 GT
Length: 277.2m (909ft)
Decks: 17 Total (13 passenger Decks)
Speed: 20 knots (37km/h; 23 mph) (Service Speed) | 22 knots (41 km/h; 25 mph) (Maximum Speed)
Capacity: 2,770
Crew: 1,160 

Valiant Lady

With a name derived from the Latin, valēre meaning strong, our second lady ship is calling Barcelona home before setting sail on our first Virgin Voyages Mediterranean cruise, with three irresistible itineraries across Europe.

Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady Ship

Tonnage: 110,000 GT
Length: 278m (912ft)
Decks: 17 Total (13 passenger Decks)
Speed: 20 knots (37km/h; 23 mph) (Service Speed) | 22 knots (41 km/h; 25 mph) (Maximum Speed)
Capacity: 2,770
Crew: 1,160

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