Amazing Seychelles. Tropical relaxation coupled with breathtaking beaches.

Seychelles, Not Just Another Place, Another World.

Arrive-Relax-Seychelles-Tourism-LogoUnique is an overused word. It has appeared in the pages of so many holiday brochures that it has lost any real meaning. That is unless you are describing Seychelles. When applied to these glistening islands, ‘unique’ magnificently and triumphantly reclaims its true meaning. Not just once but over and over again. The 115 pristine islands that sparkle in the middle of the Indian Ocean are one of the world’s greatest treasures. A place where natural purity and authenticity are perfectly cocooned from the pernicious influences of commercialism. A place where tranquillity and simplicity can be found and innocence rediscovered. A place like no other and another world entirely.

Safe inside the boundaries of one of nature’s last sanctuaries, the spectacular diversity of endemic and indigenous species is almost impossible to comprehend. Nowhere else on earth will you stumble upon the Jellyfish Tree, the Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher, the world’s smallest frog, the heaviest land tortoise, the world’s largest fish and the Indian Ocean’s only flightless bird. A destination of heart-stopping beauty and diversity, Seychelles nurtures a kaleidoscopic array of unique flora and fauna, safe within the boundaries of its virgin world.

With the powder-soft sand between your toes, impossibly smooth granite rocks soaring out of a cobalt ocean and the sun a permanent fixture in a cloudless sky, you may be forgiven for associating Seychelles with nothing more than the world’s most beautiful beaches. But put aside the idea of a deliciously idle fortnight, for here is the opportunity to explore a wondrous natural paradise, an opportunity to be jealously seized and never forgotten.

Island hopping whether by boat, plane or helicopter promises a true sense of the islands’ diversity. Each has its own character: a timeless miniature world, flourishing in splendid isolation far from the hubbub of modern life. Nature trails wind their way through granite peaks and lush mist forests, and hidden coves harbour secrets that few, if any, have discovered. Scuba dive in an ocean of kaleidoscopic colours and swim alongside 40-foot long, plankton-eating whale sharks or skim the surface of the turquoise waters on water-skis, a kayak or a catamaran. Indeed, if the world’s best fly-fishing can’t tempt you why not, from the comfort of the boat, enjoy unrivalled deep-sea fishing instead? Your catch could include marlin, sailfish, green jobfish and skipjack tuna.

Arrive Relax Travel - Seychelles Beaches The ones you always dreamed of

Alternatively, avoid the ocean’s splendours altogether and indulge in a round of golf. In Seychelles there is no shortage of spectacular distractions. None more so than the vivid sunset that marks the end of every evening – an incredible spectrum of colours that is never duplicated. And a staggeringly beautiful curtain-closer to an unforgettable day, no matter how you choose to spend it.

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